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Impact Leader WHEB breaks new ground in impact reporting, social impacts now quantified

Press Release

London 24th May 2018 – WHEB Asset Management (WHEB) today announced the launch of their latest impact report and a new dedicated impact reporting microsite.

WHEB’s reporting now:

In 2015, WHEB was the first listed equity investor to publish an impact report. In this fourth edition, WHEB breaks new ground as the first listed equity investor to report on the positive social impact of an investment strategy.

The report shows how £1m invested in 2017 is linked to positive social impact including:

  • 55 people receiving healthcare treatment;
  • £118,000 of costs saved in healthcare systems; and
  • The provision of 109 days of tertiary education.

In addition, the fund’s positive environmental impact included:

  • The generation of 670 MWh of renewable energy – equivalent to the annual energy use of 42 European households;
  • Treatment of 15m litres of waste water, equivalent to the annual production of 135 European households; and
  • Recycled or recovered 90 tonnes of waste material equivalent to the total waste produced by 90 European households.

Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research said, “We are seeing significant growth in the number of investors and their advisors wanting to quantify the positive impact of their investments. This latest report and our impact website show how our investors are having a positive impact on people and the planet.”

George Latham, Managing Partner, added “The Fund’s long-term risk-adjusted returns are testament to WHEB’s fundamental investment philosophy: that companies producing goods and services that address the challenges of sustainability are exposed to structural growth and well positioned to deliver superior returns. We believe our investment performance is because of, rather than despite, the fund’s focus on businesses with a positive impact.


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