Management software and hardware for the waste industry

Based in Ireland, AMCS has developed an integrated IT system comprising both software and hardware to provide management information to waste management companies. AMCS’ technology monitors the location of the refuse truck and customer bin and measures the weight of the waste in each bin as it is being tipped into truck. This data is transmitted to the waste management operator’s back office in real-time and is applied to real-time billing and invoicing for waste collected.

This technology can be used by the waste management industry to disincentivise the sending of waste to landfill through weight-related charging and/or to incentivise increased waste recycling. It can also be used to enhance the operational efficiency and profitability of waste management operators through the optimisation of waste collection routes.

Please download AMCS’s “Software on a growth curve“. This piece discusses the growth and expansion of AMCS Group over the past few years and where the company is moving towards in the future.

WHEB invested in AMCS alongside NCB Ventures and Enterprise Ireland in 2009.

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Location: Ireland
Sector: Waste and Recycling
Acquired date: February 2009
Status: Current
“WHEB’s extensive network and in-depth experience in supporting the growth of resource efficiency businesses has provided AMCS with invaluable introductions to high level industry contacts and has significantly enhanced the evolution of its business strategy. Their practical and tangible contribution to numerous operational matters has added considerable value to AMCS."
Mike Wynne, Chairman of AMCS