Small scale, modular, geothermal well-head power plants

Headquartered in Oslo, GEG designs, manufactures and delivers modular, flexible, small scale well-head geothermal power plants. The Company combines word-class Icelandic geothermal expertise with low-cost, flexible manufacturing based in Bangalore, India. GEG’s technology enables developers, utilities and independent power producers to significantly shorten the time between exploration and revenue generation in geothermal projects.

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Location: Norway
Sector: Energy Generation
Acquired date: 2011
Status: Current
"As a highly experienced and value-adding investment partner, WHEB have not only provided capital for our expansion but are also bringing to bear their extensive network and experience. The support of WHEB and other investors will help us complete our pilot plant, streamline our supply chain and start delivering power plants to all our prospective customers."
Terje Laugerud, CEO of GEG