Market leading, environmentally friendly packaging specialist

Petainer is the largest manufacturer of refillable PET bottles for the German market and also dominates the Scandinavian PET bottle market. The business has an established customer base of global beverage brands, many of which have been customers for over 15 years. Petainer is well regarded in the market for its new product development capabilities and is renowned for its innovative approach to reducing the environmental impact of beverage distribution. In particular it has pioneered the use of recycled PET and has developed market-leading large PET container solutions. The Company has recently launched an innovative new PET alternative to the steel beer keg which significantly reduces the environmental impact of keg distribution and offers breweries significant cost savings.

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Location: Sweden
Sector: Clean Industrial Processes
Acquired date: 2009
Status: Current
“WHEB has played a integral role in the Petainer story so far, from the original structuring and execution of the management buy-in transaction to the ongoing value-adding strategic support and challenge to my executive team. In particular, they have leveraged their impressive network to provide valuable leads and introductions as well as contributing in our recent bolt on acquisition”
Nigel Pritchard, CEO of Petainer