Novel, eco-friendly wood substitute material

Resysta, based in Forsting, Germany, has developed a novel eco-friendly wood substitute material which can replace tropical hardwoods, a finite, non-sustainable resource increasingly coming under the scrutiny of legislation and activists worldwide.

Resysta feels and looks like tropical wood but is resistant to humidity, mould and mildew, does not splinter, is slip-resistant, adhesive to varnishes, colours and oils, can be glued and is more flame retardant than wood.

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Location: Germany
Sector: Clean Industrial Processes
Acquired date: 2011
Status: Current
"We are delighted that we have found WHEB Partners. As an active and experienced partner they not only provide their capital and network for our expansion strategy but fully appreciate the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our product. The support of WHEB Partners will allow us to internationalize our business while making a contribution to the protection of our environment."
Bernd Duna, Managing Director of Resysta International GmbH