Patented process for rapid room sanitation and disinfection using ozone for medical and food processing markets

Steritrox Ltd is a leading developer of a patented process for rapid room sanitation and disinfection. The Company’s technology uses a “fog” of ozone and hydroxyl radicals to strongly sanitise all surfaces and air, killing all pathogens including those such as Listeria, E. coli and MRSA. A catalysing process (developed in partnership with Johnson Matthey) then allows rapid room re-entry.

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Location: UK
Sector: Clean Industrial Processes
Acquired date: 2007
Status: Current
"Having initially engaged with WHEB Partners to secure the financial support that we needed to help our small but innovative business realise its potential, we were delighted to find that we actually got so much more value. Their experienced team took time to understand our business and applied an extraordinary spread of skilled advice and high level networking that has proved invaluable on many occasions as the business developed. They have long since moved from being just a provider of finance and are now a highly valued and active member of our strategic team."
Nigel Higgs, CEO of Steritrox