Why aren’t there more impact funds out there?

The FP WHEB Sustainability fund is mentioned in Money Observer as an example of an impact fund available to retail investors and highlights our impact calculator, which allows investors to better understand the positive impact their savings can have.

A fund for 2020; Eight wealth managers top picks

For those that believe the transition to a zero carbon more sustainable society is inevitable, the FP WHEB Sustainability fund has been included in Citywire Wealth Manager’s list of funds for 2020.

Investors Chronicle funds for 2020

Investors Chronicle explore how sustainability is becoming mainstream in the investment industry. The FP WHEB Sustainability fund is mentioned as an example of a fund investing in solutions to sustainability challenges.

Examining the role of the ESG compliance officer

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants examines the role of the ESG compliance officer, the skills and experience required for the job, how to get into the profession, and where it can take you by talking to Laura Grenier, WHEB’s Finance, Compliance and Operations Manager.

More and more asset managers are launching ESG and sustainable investment products. CityAM writes that some industry figures have expressed concerns that certain companies have jumped on the ethical bandwagon without really committing to the cause. The FP WHEB Sustainability fund has been recognised as one of four funds who have met Ethical Consumer magazine’s rigorous ethical criteria. We are also proud to have been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy label.

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