Helping create a more sustainable society where future generations can prosper and thrive for centuries to come is now a driving factor for many investors. The WHEB Sustainability Fund and our Impact Calculator are mentioned in this article by Julia Dreblow, writing for FT Adviser, which highlights funds active in this area and how investments can have a positive impact.

Historically MoneyWeek has been quite cynical about ‘ethical investing’, but the publication has a rather more positive view of ‘sustainable investing’.  The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund is highlighted in this recent cover story, which considers how sustainable investing can lead to better returns and lower risk.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have quickly become a popular tool for investors to report positive impact.  John Fleetwood, founder of 3D Investing, argues that there is a risk this framework could become mis-used if not used correctly, but highlight’s WHEB’s impact report as a leading example of good practice.


The UK Government’s first report on developing the positive impact market for retail investors highlights WHEB’s innovative 3rd Impact Report and methodology as a clear way of connecting consumers with their investments.

Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research at WHEB, said “We are delighted to have contributed to this report, which provides a clear pathway to broadening and deepening the market for positive social and environmental investments.”

Money Observer: demystifying sustainable investing

Money Observer’s Marina Gerner reviews the market for positive impact funds, highlighting WHEB Asset Management for trailblazing the measurement of its investments’ impacts.

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