Seb Beloe, head of research at WHEB, discusses investing for good in this new podcast series, Brand New Thinking. Hosted by KKS Advisors’ Sophie Lawrence and Sean Davey from Pollitt & Partners, Seb was joined by Whitni Thomas of Triodos, Bruce Davis from Abundance and ShareAction’s Lauren Peacock.

Chewing over the FAANGs

There is an increasing debate over whether the FAANGs are responsible investments. Seb Beloe, head of research at WHEB, gives his view in this article by 3D Investing’s John Fleetwood.

A threat to ESG rigour amid rush to “claim compliance”

Will the sustainable investing sector be able to solve the world’s problems alone? WHEB’s fund manager Ted Franks’s gives his view in this article, which also discusses the danger of declining ESG quality as investors claim compliance.  To read the article, a subscription is needed.

Can listed assets really be called impact investments is a question we often have to answer. It is true that direct investments have a clear advantage in being able to highlight additionality and represent intentionality.  However, at WHEB we firmly believe that investing in public companies can still have a positive impact on the environment and society. John Treadgold, an Australian journalist who specialises in impact investing, sustainability and ESG, and WHEB’s fund manager Ted Franks, discuss this issue plus much more in this thoughtful interview.

Lonsec’s Head of Research Libby Newman sat down with Ted Franks, Fund Manager for the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund, to discuss how the fund builds its investment strategy and how its impact mandate differs from the more traditional ESG approach.

Engagement with the companies we invest in is an essential part of being an impact investor. We wanted to highlight one of our engagement case studies at our Annual Investor Conference in June. Writing for Good with Money, Christine Dawson reports on this session with portfolio company Lenzing, an Austrian fibre manufacturer.

The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund was one of the first impact investment strategies in listed equities. In this interview with Tim Nixon from Thomson Reuters, WHEB’s Seb Beloe discusses our approach to impact investing and what makes us different.

ESG data has become focused on a company’s operations rather than the products and services it provides. This approach hinders its usefulness in assessing a company’s impact and real world value. WHEB’s Head of Research, Seb Beloe, explains this point of view in an article by Peter Cripps from Environmental Finance written on 24th May on the publication of our fourth Impact Report. To read the article, a subscription is needed.

When will sustainable and impact investing become the norm? Seb Beloe discusses the idea of an “Overton Window”, the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse. Is there an opportunity for sustainable investing to just be accepted as normal, rather than an alternative way to invest, as it arguably was considered even a year ago? Good With Money’s article, written by Rebecca O’Connor, also analyses the evolution of impact reporting and measurement in response to the launch of WHEB’s latest ground-breaking Impact Report.

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