Sustainability might be a way active investing can prove its value against concerns over fees and volatility that are spurring the flight to passives. In this Citywire Wealth Manager article, WHEB’s Managing Partner, George Latham, says underperformance against the index is not something endemic to sustainability funds.

Managing Partner George Latham was interviewed by Ethical Consumer magazine about what differentiates WHEB. We are proud that WHEB is one of very few investment firms to receive their Best Buy Label. The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label helps shoppers choose genuinely ethical products and services. It’s a unique label that looks in detail at the ethical record of the company behind the product and the environmental and ethical record of the product itself.

Will the EU Sustainable Finance Technical Expert Group’s June 2019 reports on the green taxonomy, green bond standards and climate benchmarks succeed in mobilising investors and capital in support of sustainability objectives? WHEB’s Managing Partner George Latham gives his view as well as other investors.

ESG investors happy to fill the policy void

Prosperity with Purpose, our latest Impact Report, is featured in this piece with Australian website New Investor. WHEB has a joint venture with Pengana Capital and runs the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact fund for the Australian market. On a recent trip there, Managing Partner George Latham gave his view on how the sector has evolved from ethical negative screens to positive impact investing.

The FP WHEB Sustainability fund is chosen as one of nine funds for Castlefield Investment Partners’ new model portfolio with an ethical mandate for Money Observer readers to follow, introduced here by Simon Holman, Head of Client Investments at Castlefield.

WHEB commits to Net Zero Carbon 10 Target

WHEB Asset Management has committed to meeting the Net Zero Carbon 10 (NZC10) Standard for the FP WHEB Sustainability fund. P1 Investment Management has devised the NZC10 target, which allows fund managers to better align their investment policies to the requirement for carbon-neutrality, rather than just emissions reduction. WHEB is one of four funds who has committed to using the standard.

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On recent trip to Australia, George Latham, Managing Partner, talked to Livewire about the Australian holding we have in the fund, CSL, and our qualifying criteria for impact investment stocks. Working with Pengana Capital, WHEB runs the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund for the Australian market, a mirror of the FP WHEB Sustainability fund.

The FP WHEB Sustainability fund’s listing on Hargreaves Lansdown is mentioned an example of incorrect data for ESG and impact funds. Hargreaves lists WHEB’s fund as having 3.28% invested in oil and gas when in reality, the fund has no fossil-fuel investments.

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