5G isn’t just about being able to download a film in a second. The new technology has a huge potential when it comes to sustainability. Head of Research Seb Beloe talks to Rebecca Jones, editor of Good with Money, about these sustainability opportunities in the latest episode of the Smug Money podcast.

Hawksmoor Investment Management’s James Clark talks about the growth of sustainable investing in this interview with Citywire Wealth Manager. He mentions the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund as one of his preferred funds in this space.

How to invest £10,000

The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund is highlighted in an article in The Sunday Times about how equity funds still offer excellent opportunities for long-term investors. Written by Rob Pemberton, financial adviser at HFMC Wealth, WHEB is the only sustainable and impact focused fund mentioned in the piece.

The proliferation of new funds in the ESG and impact investing space means fund selectors have to be more discerning when choosing the right products for their clients’ portfolios. Edmond Schaff from Paris based Sanso Investment Solutions explains his process and names the FP WHEB Sustainability fund as one of his stand-out picks in this Citywire Selector article.

WHEB included in Hawksmoor’s revamped MPS

Hawksmoor Investment Management has revamped its model portfolio service and the FP WHEB Sustainability fund has been selected for their Sustainable World models. Ian Woolley, Senior Investment Analyst at Hawksmoor explains the changes and fund picks in this article with Citywire Wealth Manager.

The Big Exchange is an ambitious project to make impact investing accessible to everyone. WHEB is thrilled to be a founding member of this innovative initiative and Managing Partner George Latham is quoted in this article, highlighting our shared goals with The Big Exchange about democratising finance.

Seb Beloe: 3 big themes for the long-term

WHEB’s Head of Research, Seb Beloe, was in Australia earlier this month for a roadshow with our partner Pengana Capital, for whom we run the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact fund. During his time Down Under, Seb spoke to Livewire, a financial news website for Australia’s professional investors, about long-term sustainability themes.

The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund is Edmond Schaff’s fund pick in this Citywire Selector article on top sustainable fund calls. Edmond is a portfolio manager at Sanso Investment Solutions, based in Paris.

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