Direct action that disrupts people’s lives is always regrettable. If you live or work in a city targeted by the campaign group Extinction Rebellion, then you might well have been inconvenienced by their protests. As a business based just behind Oxford Circus in Central London, we would certainly count ourselves in that number. But the global economy is currently on a trajectory towards more than three degrees of warming. Without radical action to reign in the extent of this climatic change, the costs that will be imposed on our lives will be incomparably greater.  It is for this reason that WHEB, alongside other leading businesses, signed a letter in support of the Extinction Rebellion Agenda and has committed itself to working to accelerate the business response to climate change. You can read the full letter by clicking ‘read more’ below.

Water management is one of WHEB’s nine investment themes. It is essential that this precious resource is managed sustainably to meet the needs of the global populations. So what are the investment opportunities? Seb Beloe, Head of Research, is quoted in Citywire Wealth Manager explaining WHEB’s approach to investing in water.

Can Uber and Lyft be considered a sustainable investment? There are mixed views on whether ride-hailing apps reduce the numbers of cars on the road or whether they just increase congestion. Head of Research Seb Beloe gives WHEB’s view. This article was published by numerous news sites globally.

Impact investing is rapidly gaining momentum but using terms like ‘ethical’ ‘ESG’ ‘SRI’ and ‘impact’ interchangeably is confusing. The Times tries to decode the jargon and WHEB is featured as an example of an impact fund.

With Greta Thunberg leading the School Strike for Climate movement, it’s no wonder more children are thinking about climate change. What can parents do? Using Junior ISAs to invest in impact funds is one option. The FT mentions WHEB as an impact fund pick.

Following the announcement that WHEB has won its first LGPS mandate, a contract for a multi-provider framework for West Midlands Pension Fund Sustainable Equities mandate, we were pleased with the press coverage we received. Please see below for links to the articles: Read more …

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