Ted Franks

Market jitters and long term solutions to sustainability challenges – October Monthly

October was a bad month in global equity markets. One of our benchmarks is the MSCI World index of stocks. It returned -5.44%. That’s the worst single month since we re-launched this strategy in May 2012. Our other benchmark is the median fund in our peer group. That peer group is the Investment Association’s “Global” fund category. The story is the same there: that median fund returned -6.56%. That’s the worst single month since May 2012. Read more …

Ted Franks

Crosswinds and fundamentals – September Monthly

The fund sharply underperformed the benchmark MSCI World Index this month.  It was a quiet month for company news, and without earnings announcements.  Despite this, economic sentiments are causing significant rotations between sectors, regions and styles.

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George Latham

Engagement without the punch-ups

The mainstream media likes to report stories with drama. A ‘punch-up’ between fund managers and company executives over CEO remuneration makes for a good headline.  But it doesn’t always have to be this way.  Read more …

Ben Kluftinger

Why we invest in – Orpea

It’s Good Money Week so we wanted to highlight how impact investing needn’t just be good for society and the environment, but how it can also be a good investment. We’ve chosen one of our portfolio holdings to highlight this.

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Ted Franks

Tesla; our view – August Monthly

We currently hold 59 stocks in the WHEB Sustainability strategy. But when we meet existing or potential investors, the stock that most often comes up is one we don’t own. That stock is Tesla, the revolutionary American maker of electric cars.

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Libby Stanley

The future of healthcare

Health is one of the two largest themes that the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund invests in. We currently have nearly 23% of the fund invested in healthcare companies and structurally the fund is Read more …

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