George Latham

Resurgence festival of well-being

I was in trouble on Saturday as I abandoned my family on the eve of my youngest child’s christening to go and spend the day at the 45th anniversary of Resurgence, the environmental magazine edited since the mid-70’s by Satish Kumar, and which has recently merged with the Ecologist. As it turned out, organising the next day’s festivities went more smoothly for my absence, and it was worth the risk on my part as a wonderful array of speakers entertained a packed audience at the Bishopsgate Institute in the city.

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‘U-Turn if you want to’ – Mitt Romney’s about-turn on Obamacare

Mitt Romney famously pledged to repeal the entirety of Obama’s Affordable Care Act earlier this year when standing as a candidate for President of the United States. Yet on Sunday 9th September, in a television interview, he modified his position, saying: “Well, I’m not getting rid of health care reform.” He has subsequently pledged to keep various parts of the healthcare reform known as ‘Obamacare’. Specifically, he will ensure that those with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance, and he will ensure that individuals can have cover for their families up to whatever age they like.

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