George Latham

“Dear Mike…”

This Thursday 25th October, I have agreed to take part in a debate organised by Mike Tyrell’s SRI Connect website on the subject of Long-Termism.  The motion is, “This house believes that the SRI industry should leave the long-term investment agenda to others.”  Needless to say I am opposing the motion. At WHEB Asset Management we believe that a long-term approach to investing is a key part of our investment process and of our overall stance as a sustainability investor.  Mike was kind enough to write an open letter ahead of the debate entitled Dear George… in which he has laid out some of his thinking on the subject.  So I thought it would be polite to respond in kind.  The two letters are probably best read in combination, and Mike’s original letter can be found here:

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Clare Brook

SRI is not for dummies

Yesterday I spoke at a debate organised by Jamie Harzell, founder of Ethex.  The title of the debate, delivered to a packed room at the back of Eat, Shop, Do in Kings Cross, was ‘SRI is for dummies’.  I, needless to say, had to contest the motion.

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Seb Beloe

Why gas is not green

We’ve talked in previous blog posts about the shale gas revolution in the US and the growing enthusiasm for natural gas as a relatively low carbon fuel. But is gas really a green fuel?

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