Seb Beloe

Just what is the point of ESG?

When I started my career working for an environmental consultancy in the late 1990s one of my first projects was to analyse the world’s entire library of corporate environmental reports. It didn’t take long – only about 100 reports were being produced at the time. Most of these provided a thin veneer of ‘greenwash’, though some, like the Body Shop’s ‘Values Report’ ran to several hundred pages and could only be purchased in hard copy!

Needless to say things have changed substantially since then.

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The Financial System We Need

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released the Inquiry report on the Design of a Sustainable Financial System during October 2015. A distinguished member of our Advisory Committee was a lead member of the Inquiry Team and co-author of the report. The inquiry itself, and its report evidences growing recognition all over the world of the need to move towards a more sustainable financial system.

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George Latham

Tomorrow’s Capital Markets

The recently published Tomorrow’s Capital Markets report is focussed on the need to find ways to incentivise capital to be deployed in such a way that it better supports the long-term needs of society and future generations.

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