George Latham & Mike Clark

In search of a better beta: Why benchmark orthodoxy must change

George Latham, Managing Partner and CIO of WHEB Asset Management and Mike Clark, Founder of Ario Advisory and member of WHEB’s Independent Investment Advisory Committee challenge conventional benchmark orthodoxy and suggest a way forward

The debate around the so-called ‘tyranny of the benchmark’ is not new. Yet it continues to be revisited time and again as a cause of short-term thinking which creates a perverse incentive for fund managers. However, nothing seems to change. Few are prepared to challenge the existing orthodoxy of portfolio construction and the role of benchmarks. The status quo is maintained. This must change.

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Seb Beloe

Sustainability, automation and the future of manufacturing

Robotics and wider trends around automation are rarely out of the news at the moment with everyone from Mark Carney to McKinsey opining on the likely positive or negative impacts[i]. There are a myriad of views on the potential disruption caused by robotics and automation, but what is the case that the technology fits within a sustainable investment portfolio?

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