Seb Beloe

The BBC Radio 4’s ‘Costing the Earth’ programme recently hosted a discussion on why environmental issues seem to have become more prominent in public debate recently. The programme’s focus was specifically on environmental policy, but the question could have just as reasonably been focused on the investment community. Why has environmental and sustainable investment become such a hot topic of late? Read more …

Ted Franks

Monthly Commentary: February 2018

In the middle of February, fast food chain KFC had to close most of its UK outlets because it ran out of chicken[1]. For the healthy few that don’t know this, ‘KFC’ stands for ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’. So this was a big problem. With some clever PR and a good dollop of humility, KFC has probably rescued its reputation. But the UK is one of its five biggest markets globally[2]. So the profit impact of even a short outage will have been meaningful.

Read more …

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