Ted Franks

Crosswinds and fundamentals – September Monthly

The fund sharply underperformed the benchmark MSCI World Index this month.  It was a quiet month for company news, and without earnings announcements.  Despite this, economic sentiments are causing significant rotations between sectors, regions and styles.

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George Latham

Engagement without the punch-ups

The mainstream media likes to report stories with drama. A ‘punch-up’ between fund managers and company executives over CEO remuneration makes for a good headline.  But it doesn’t always have to be this way.  Read more …

Ben Kluftinger

Why we invest in – Orpea

It’s Good Money Week so we wanted to highlight how impact investing needn’t just be good for society and the environment, but how it can also be a good investment. We’ve chosen one of our portfolio holdings to highlight this.

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