Ted Franks

Cutting costs in healthcare

In the developed world, the critical issue is keeping old bodies healthy cheaply.  Life expectancy is already long.  Instead, as those bodies age, they pick up chronic ailments that make lives a misery but aren’t fatal.  Read more …

Seb Beloe

5G and Sustainability

2019 is the year that mobile networks will start to install 5G infrastructure in earnest.  5G represents a quantum leap in the performance of mobile networks which will greatly enhance the opportunities for sustainability but which also carries with it substantial risks.  Read more …

Ted Franks

The bumpy Trump ride – December Monthly

Attentive readers of this letter will remember two months ago we wrote, “October was a bad month in global equity markets”. Well, December was worse. The MSCI World Index, which is one of the fund’s benchmarks, returned -7.44% in GBP. October had been the worst single month since the re-launch of the strategy in May 2012. It held that title for one month only.

Read more …

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