Ty Lee

Why we invest in – Varian; using innovation to fight cancer

  • Varian is a global leader in the field of radiation therapy with around 50% market share.
  • The radiation therapy market is a growing market, driven by an increasing cancer rate globally and increasing adoption of radiation therapy in emerging markets.
  • Varian is a very innovative company, driving business growth through successful product launches and gaining market share.
  • It is well positioned to expand into adjacent fast-growing markets to sustain its future growth through its R&D effort and acquisitions.

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and nearly half of cancer patients have radiation therapy at some point during their cancer treatment. Read more …

Ted Franks

Fire and protest

In the UK, April is a month usually associated with rain showers. This April, not-so-much. Rainfall was 71% of the 1981-2010 long term average[1]. The monthly average temperature was 1.0° Celsius above the long term mean of 8.4°. These deviations are not particularly startling by the standards we are becoming used to in the era of climate change. But they were enough to produce some more reminders of the future we face.

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Ted Franks

Defending ESG: Hotdogs vs Ice Cream

ESG is a widely used term. But what does it mean in practice and how does it relate to impact investing? Fund Manager Ted Franks observes Kraft Heinz’s attempted takeover of Unilever and compares their ESG performance.

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