Ted Franks

This year’s new killer

New diseases have a particular power to capture the imagination. There’s just a lot about them which is scary. They grow and spread fast. We’re accustomed to thinking our doctors are in control – what if they’re not? The symptoms sound so innocuous – how would you know to be worried? Read more …

Seb Beloe

Seeing the bigger picture – Cooper Companies and myopia

WHEB’s ‘Well-being’ theme is one of the strategy’s smaller and more heterogeneous themes covering everything from healthy eating to care for the elderly. The theme also includes companies that support ‘Hearing, vision and oral health’ and Cooper Companies has been a core holding in this sub-theme for over seven years. The company is a conglomerate combining two businesses; CooperVision which focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling contact lenses and CooperSurgical which focuses on women’s health and fertility treatments. Read more …

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