Seb Beloe

Improving investor confidence in impact investment

This article was co-authored by Thora Frost, Senior Client Manager, Carbon Trust and Seb Beloe, Partner-Head of Research, WHEB

The impact investment market has grown rapidly in recent years as investors increasingly allocate capital on the basis of both potential financial returns and the intention to generate positive societal and environmental impacts. Read more …

Seb Beloe

Boohoo and the drunkard’s search for ESG meaning

On 5th July the UK newspapers The Times and Sunday Times broke several stories based on undercover investigations into the fast fashion retailer Boohoo. The stories alleged that workers were making garments for Boohoo for as little as £3.50 an hour (barely a third of the legal minimum wage)[i]. The investigation also alleged that manufacturing continued during the local lockdown rules to control the spread of COVID-19 and that no additional hygiene or social distancing measures were in place. Read more …

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