George Latham and Seb Beloe in Alpha Week talking to WM Nexus from their recent ‘Multi-Asset Class Strategies in ESG & Impact Investing’ event. George discussing the 6th revolution and thriving companies with Seb Beloe giving his views on EU taxonomy.

Giles McKean, Investment Manager, at Charles Stanley talks about the FP WHEB Sustainability fund.  Highlighting it as “one of the few funds he identified that was investing in companies that were making a net positive contribution to humanity by tackling climate change issues, water scarcity, healthcare etc.”

How “The Attenborough Effect” is encouraging people to do something to help, whether by being more ‘green’ in their daily lives or by making sure their money supports companies doing their best to help and sustain, rather than harm, the planet. The FP WHEB Sustainability fund is highlighted as a fund with a “focused, ethical approach.”

Square Mile released their annual “Good Investment Review 2020.” This review is a collection of market statistics, commentary and information about some of the best responsible and sustainable funds and fund managers in the UK. WHEB is featured in this review and the FP WHEB Sustainability fund has been given a AAA rating (highest rating) by 3D!

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