Associate Fund Manager Ty Lee talks to The Big Exchange

Ty Lee, Associate Fund Manager, spoke to The Big Exchange about WHEB’s approach to impact investing and highlights stock examples which are enabling a sustainable recovery from the pandemic.

Fund manager, Ted Franks, is featured in this month’s ESG Clarity magazine discussing the 16yr history of the WHEB Sustainability fund, the energy transition and the “double bubble” of impact.

In Bestinvest’s latest guide to fund managers the FP WHEB Sustainability fund was given a positive rating as a “Pedigree Pick” in the global dogs category. The “Spot the Dog” report uses statistical fund performance data to identify how funds have performed compared to their benchmark.

Our FP WHEB Sustainability fund received a AAA rating from Square Mile’s 3D Investing citing “The team’s understanding and communication of sustainability is exceptional and therefore one of only a small selection of funds to be awarded a AAA rating. ” To read the 3D fund lite profile of the FP WHEB Sustainability click on link FP WHEB Sustainability Fund LITE Profile February 2021

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