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WHEB’s commitment to transparent and accountable fund governance underlined in recent news

WHEB Asset Management is pleased to announce that our latest submission to the European SRI Transparency Code has been accepted. WHEB is one of only four UK managers to receive the certification in 2016 and the approval of the submission underlines the company’s commitment both to responsible investing and to transparency.

In related news, WHEB also announces that Nick Robins is stepping down from the company’s independent Investment Advisory Committee having come to the end of his term. Nick has been replaced on the committee by Mike Clark who founded Ario Advisory earlier this year, and was formerly Director of Responsible Investment at Russell Investments. Seb Beloe Head of Research at WHEB said, “Nick has been a great asset on our advisory committee, but after four years it is time for some change and we look forward to working with Mike Clark as our new committee member.”

Commenting on the European SRI Transparency Code, George Latham, CIO and Managing Partner at WHEB said “WHEB is wholly devoted to the practice of sustainable investing. As a business, our mission is to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments. We are also committed to be transparent about our investment style and approach. This is the fourth year in a row that we have been successful in our submission to The European Transparency Code. We believe that this track-record, combined with the full publication of our portfolio holdings and a robust and independent  advisory committee, provides clear evidence of our commitment to these issues.”

Further information on the FP WHEB Sustainability fund, the portfolio holdings, minutes of the meetings of the advisory committee and other reports are available at