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Company Profile
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Enterprise Value: £13bn
Region: Europe

HelloFresh is the leading supplier of fresh food meal kits to consumers in developed markets around the world. The meal kits use fresh ingredients in pre-measured quantities allowing for calorie control with the intention of supporting healthy eating. Customers are provided with a flexible and convenient route to eating more healthily that also offers up to one third less food waste than more traditional food supply models.

Impact Score: 19%

HelloFresh meal kits make fresh cooking more convenient. Its proprietary front- and back-end platforms enable efficiency thereby reducing food waste. However the company sells direct to consumers in development markets where there is plenty of competition.

Fundamental Quality: 72%

HelloFresh has strong market share across mature markets which is growing rapidly. Its proprietary digital platform enables two-way communication between HelloFresh and its suppliers, allowing good supply chain oversight and management. This also positions the company well for an expected doubling in the adoption of food e-commerce.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 2
SDG 2 includes a focus on improved nutrition which is a core part of HelloFresh’s proposition to ‘democratize access to high quality food’.
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Recent stewardship topics
  • Policies governing the use of palm oil and soya
  • Plastic packaging and waste
  • Unionisation and employee pay


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