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TOMRA Systems

Company Profile
TOMRA logo final
Enterprise Value: $5.05bn
Region: Europe
Environmental Services

TOMRA is the leading global manufacturer of reverse vending machines (RVM), with a 70% market share. RVMs are used in countries which have a deposit return system (DRS). In a DRS, consumers pay a deposit on bottles which are then collected via TOMRA’s machines and the deposit returned to the customer. It is also very strongly positioned in the provision of sorting solutions in mining, recycling and food.

Impact Score: 26%

Plastic packaging waste is a major environmental problem, with only 14% being collected and the remainder ending up in nature, landfills or incinerators. TOMRA’s RVMs are core to the successful implementation of DRS, which can improve plastic collection rates from 47% in to >90%. However, currently they are used only for beverage containers made from plastic, aluminium and glass.

Fundamental Quality: 74%

Currently, only 8 out of 27 EU countries have a DRS in place. We expect regulation, such as the EU Single Use Plastics Directive, to expand substantially TOMRA’s addressable market. TOMRA is strongly aligned with the Circular Economy and a key beneficiary from the increasing drive to eliminate single-use plastic in the fast-moving consumer goods market.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 12
TOMRA’s reverse vending machines are critical for the implementation of deposit return schemes that aim to reduce waste.
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