WHEB’s 2019 Impact Report Webinar – Replay

WHEB’s first Impact Report webinar following the launch of our sixth Impact Report. The report itself was published on 18th June and Seb Beloe, our Head of Research, presents our findings in this webinar.

Our 2019 report was compiled during the Spring of 2020 as prior year data becomes available. So, this year’s report was written under the extraordinary circumstances of ‘lockdown’ during the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the report, we feature a major advance in our methodology with the development of WHEB’s ‘impact engine’. We have also expanded our work in evaluating the carbon footprint of the portfolio, and this year have invited the Carbon Trust to conduct a review of our impact measurement methodology.

Impact analysis and reporting remains an emerging discipline. Our ambition to break new ground remains undimmed. We will continue to do so in a transparent way, sharing the learnings of our work and encouraging feedback.

Click here to watch full webinar replay.