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The impact people

We are positive impact investors, focused on the fundamental connection between long-term positive change and long-term growth.
Why Wheb

We’ve uncovered the lockstep relationship between growing profitability and growth that has a positive impact.

WHEB is a positive impact investor focused on the opportunities created by the transition to a zero carbon and sustainable global economy.

We are well known and respected for our experience, expertise and innovation in sustainable and impact investing. We focus on a single equity impact strategy, which has been developed over the long-term and tested across market cycles.

WHEB manages approx £1.3bn in assets as of 30 June 2023.

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Reasons to invest

All products and services have an impact.

Some products have a negative impact, harming or undermining the social and environmental systems on which life depends. For others, impact is positive, helping to support or even restore the health of our systems.

We believe that understanding impact is becoming a ‘third dimension’ of investment expertise, alongside established disciplines in assessing investment risk and return. Our team of sustainability experts have developed bespoke tools that are used to analyse companies as part of our investment process.

Individual investors
If you a retail or private investor (and not a professional investor) investing from a personal account, you can invest in one of three ways. Select a fund to learn more:
Intermediary investors
If you are acting as a financial intermediary and are a professional investor, you can invest in one of two ways. Select a fund to learn more:
Institutional investors
If you are a regulated financial institution that invests on behalf of others, such as a pension fund, insurance company, investment bank, endowments and charities and other fund managers, you may wish to speak to us about how we can tailor our strategy to your needs. Select a fund to learn more:
Impact Calculator

The impact calculator illustrates the underlying positive impact that companies in WHEB’s investment portfolio help create.

This positive impact is ultimately generated by the end users of the products and services; the owner of the electric vehicle or the homeowner who buys renewable power. Investors in WHEB’s strategy are aligned with these positive impacts by investing in the companies that manufacture these products.

Please enter the value of your investment in the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund in December 2022 here:

Enter the value of your investment

to see how much impact is associated with this amount in the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund in 2022

Exchange rate as at 31st December 2022 using Bank of England exchange rates

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