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Reporting impact

In an industry that is famously opaque, at WHEB we're committed to being open and transparent.

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Impact Calculator

Since 2016, we've sought to quantify the underlying positive impact associated with the companies in WHEB’s investment portfolio.

Our Impact Calculator is a tool we’ve developed that illustrates the positive impact associated with a given amount of money invested in the WHEB strategy.

This positive impact is ultimately generated by the end users of the products and services; the owner of the electric vehicle or the homeowner who buys renewable power. Our investors are aligned with these positive impacts by investing in the companies that manufacture these products.

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Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports underscore our clear intention to invest in companies that provide solutions to critical sustainability challenges, connecting our investors with a brighter, healthier future – for people and the planet.

In these reports, our research specialists set out the critical problems that our investments are helping to solve.

We provide examples of the companies held in the strategy and how they contribute to these solutions as well as data on how well we're helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote more sustainable businesses. 

“The report demonstrates WHEB’s continued leadership in the rapidly growing market for listed equity impact investing.”
Independent Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee minutes

WHEB’s independent Investment Advisory Committee’s key purpose is to scrutinise the investment team’s activities, including stewardship. In doing so, they review the fund’s holdings and ensure they meet with both the spirit and the letter of the strategy’s sustainability criteria.

This committee plays an advisory role, is composed of independent experts in the field of sustainability investing and meets every four months. We publish the summary minutes of these meetings – giving all our stakeholders direct insight into the governance of our investments strategies.

Stewardship reports

These reports set out the policies and processes that direct WHEB’s stewardship activities. It also documents the extensive work that we’ve done with portfolio companies over the year to encourage them to improve their ESG and impact practices. The reports provide: summary data of the work undertaken in the previous year; detailed case studies that illustrate our decision-making processes; and, the impact that we can have via our ‘investor contribution’.

External reports

As a business WHEB explicitly seeks to shape the wider financial system to support and enable more positive outcomes. We do this not just through our engagement and reporting with clients and their advisors, but also downstream with regulators, policymakers and standard setters. We are represented in, or signatories to, a number of industry initiatives aimed at supporting long-term sustainable investing such as the EUROSIF, PRI and FRC Stewardship Code

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