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We're aiming for a brighter future

Just like our investors, we believe that investing in and supporting businesses that have a positive impact on people and the planet can help bring about a zero-carbon and more sustainable economy.

Passionate about our mission

We're a mission-driven business. Our mission? 'To advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments’.

Our mission is supported by a strong culture and core values that guide our behaviour, which we updated in May 2022, to ensure they reflect our team ethos.  These provide a strong basis for our relationships with each other and with you, our stakeholders. 

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Values that make an impact

WHEB is built on five core values that support our mission and shape our culture.

They help align our people to our purpose and identity, and enable you, our stakeholders, to understand how we do business.

Co-created with input from everyone in the team, the values underpin everything we do, from strategic decisions to everyday systems and processes.

Our values are important to us and are integrated into the management process that's used to assess the team’s performance throughout the year.


Our team

The WHEB team brings together some of the most experienced practitioners of impact investing in listed equity markets. 

Together we combine deep investment expertise, a passion for delivering positive impact and a commitment to strong long-term relationships that provide a first-class client experience.

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Our history

WHEB draws its roots from deep within the ethical, socially-responsible and impact investing movement

Developed by pioneers in this community, our strategy was originally launched in 2005. With a track record of almost 20 years, it's one of the longest established sustainable investment strategies on the market.


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Being a B Corp

Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

WHEB was one of the first companies to become a certified B Corporation in 2016 and we've since been awarded the coveted ‘Best for the World’ awards multiple times as one of the top-performing Certified B Corps around the globe. 


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Leveraging our industry networks for greater impact

It's our responsibility to use our influence within the wider financial system purposefully to support and enable more positive outcomes.  

We do this not just through our engagement and reporting with clients and their advisers, but also with regulators, policymakers and standard setters.


Awards and Accreditations

Visit our dedicated awards page here.

“At its core, WHEB is a purpose-driven business. The company’s skills, mission and passion are all directed at accelerating the shift to a zero carbon and more sustainable world.”
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Jayne Sutcliffe
Non-Executive Chair

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