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Impact calculator

'An impressive tool that greatly enhances transparency.'
Square Mile Research

A bespoke tool to qualtify positive impact

The impact calculator illustrates the underlying positive impact that companies in WHEB’s investment portfolio help create.

Since 2016, we have sought to quantify the underlying positive impact associated with the companies in WHEB’s investment portfolio.  Our Impact Calculator is a tool we’ve developed which illustrates the positive impact associated with a given amount of money invested in the WHEB strategy.


This positive impact is ultimately generated by the end users of the products and services; the owner of the electric vehicle or the homeowner who buys renewable power. Our investors are aligned with these positive impacts by investing in the companies that manufacture these products.1

Enter the value of your investment

to see how much impact is associated with this amount in the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund in 2023.

Exchange rate as at 29th December 2023 using Bank of England exchange rates

Note: In pursuing the Fund’s sustainability objective there is always the possibility of unintended / negative impacts for example an increase in the use of plastics as a result of investing in vaccine development.

The positive impact associated with your money during the last year.

Resource efficiency
201 tonnes
of CO2e emissions.
Equivalent to the electricity use of 70 average European homes for one year2 and saving in avoided carbon costs.3
Cleaner energy
1,200 MWh
of renewable energy.
Equivalent to the annual electricity use of
60 European households4.
Enviromental services
19 tonnes
of waste materials.
Equivalent to the annual waste produced by 23 European households, saving in reduced landfill costs.5
Water management
1.1 million
litres of water use.
Equivalent to the water used by 18,020 showers6.
37 people
with improved healthcare treatment.
Water management
2.8 million
litres of wastewater.
Equivalent to the total annual wastewater of 27 European households7.
60 people
with healthier lives and improved well-being.
Students receiving
77 days
of tertiary and vocational education.
spent on products and services supplied by companies in the WHEB strategy and used in healthcare R&D.

Download a PDF of this calculation. You can add an investor name or leave it blank.

1Investors in WHEB’s strategy are aligned with these positive impacts by investing in companies that form part of crucial supply chains that manufacture these products and provide these services. WHEB’s investments contribute to the attainment of the impact, however, are not solely responsible. The impact is therefore referred to as ‘associated’.

2The average carbon footprint of a grid-connected household in Europe is c2tCO2e ( 

3Based on an average global carbon price of US$46.78 per tonne.

4Based on average electricity usage of 11.63MWh 

5Based on a landfill tax of £102.10 per tonne of waste, which is equivalent to the UK’s landfill tax in 2023. 

6An average shower use assumed to use 62 litres of water. 

7An average European household uses 105,000 litres of water per year.

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