The WHEB Asset Management team is one of the most experienced in the sustainable and impact investment sector globally. We combine our institutional investment experience, independent judgment and a long-term view to create wealth and a first-class client experience.

WHEB Asset Management

FundRock – Distributor for WHEB Asset Management in Europe

Sarah Briscoe

Business Development UK

Sarah is responsible for growing and managing WHEB’s coverage and relationships across our range of clients, with particular focus on wealth managers, IFAs, platforms and wholesale markets in the UK. Sarah has worked in financial services for over 15yrs with the majority of that in business development. Her last role was working with global banks and asset managers at Vanguard Europe (UK). Prior to that Sarah worked at both Legg Mason and T. Rowe Price. Sarah holds the IMC, has an MBA in International Business from Loyola College and B.S. from University of Maryland.

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+44 (0)20 3219 3415