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FP WHEB Sustainability Fund tops Ethical Consumer’s fund provider rankings

WHEB, the specialist sustainability investor, is pleased to report that the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund has come top of Ethical Consumer magazine’s fund provider rankings.

Ethical Consumer reviewed around 75 ethical funds and ranked 19 of the biggest ethical fund managers in the UK against a set of criteria. This ranged from pollution and toxics to workers’ rights and product sustainability. The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund received a top rating in every single category.

According to Ethical Consumer’s report, green and ethical funds in the UK now have £11 billion invested, up from £4 billion ten years ago. In 2013 ethical funds once again outperformed non-ethical funds (36% growth over 3 years as opposed to 31% for non-ethical).[1]

However, the report also states that most fund providers have failed to move beyond a simplistic ‘screening’ approach and do not see it as their role to improve corporate behaviour or to engage with companies in support of the fund’s ethical objectives. Indeed, only five providers (including WHEB Asset Management) display a strong commitment to ethical engagement and provide extensive evidence of how they engage with companies to promote the values of their fund.

Please click here to access the full report.

[1] Moneyfacts 14/8/13 Ethical funds outperform non ethical