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Impact Report 2018 highlights WHEB’s sizeable CO₂ avoidance vs global capital markets

5th June 2019, London: WHEB Asset Management has published its 5th annual impact report, titled Prosperity with Purpose, on World Environment Day. The 16-page impact report illustrates in detail how the 58 portfolio holdings (as of 31st Dec 2018) in the FP WHEB Sustainability strategy generated impact across WHEB’s nine investment themes, which are related to seven of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the highlights is how many greenhouse gas emissions WHEB’s listed equity impact strategy avoided compared to global capital markets.

“In 2018 alone we estimate that the strategy helped to avoid the emission of more than 800 tons of CO₂ equivalents per £1 million invested. Over a three-year period, the impact of £1 million invested would have avoided the emission of more than 3,400 tons of CO₂ equivalents,” explained Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research.

“Today, climate-related financial risks are firmly on many investors’ agendas. For this reason, a significant portion of WHEB’s listed equity strategy is invested in companies that manufacture and sell products and services that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said George Latham, Managing Partner.

In addition to carbon emission avoidance, clean water, health, education and clean energy are among the SDGs on which WHEB Asset Management’s investment strategy generated a positive impact in 2018.

WHEB’s investment premise is that the global economy is in the early stages of a major transition to a low carbon and more sustainable model. As such, the London-based group focuses on companies producing goods and services that enable or benefit from this transition.

For the 12-month period ending 31 December 2018, £1 million invested in the strategy was associated with positive social and environmental impacts equivalent to:

  • 800 tons of CO₂ equivalents avoided
  • 1,800 MWh of renewable energy generated
  • 200 tons of waste recovered or recycled
  • 10 million litres of waste water treated
  • 14 million litres of water cleaned and distributed for reuse
  • 52 people received healthcare treatment
  • 51 people benefited from preventative healthcare
  • £65,000 of healthcare costs saved
  • 118 days of tertiary education provided

In 2015, WHEB was the first listed equity investor to publish an impact report. It was also the first to report on the positive social impact of an investment strategy in 2018 and each year, new functions are added to the Impact Calculator. It can now show the cumulative positive impact of an individual’s investment over one, two and three-year periods.

Founded in 2009, WHEB’s mission is to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments.  With a track record of more than 13 years, the team at WHEB are an experienced team of specialists and recognised for their thought leadership in impact investing.

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