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Ingrid Holmes, Director and Board Member of E3G appointed to WHEB’s independent Advisory Committee

WHEB Asset Management is pleased to announce that Ingrid Holmes has been appointed to the firm’s independent Investment Advisory Committee. Ingrid is a Director and Board Member of E3G Third Generation Environmentalism, an independent climate change think tank operating to accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy. Ingrid is also a member of the UK Green Finance Initiative and of the EU’s High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research at WHEB said, “WHEB’s advisory committee provides critical oversight and governance on behalf of clients invested in WHEB’s investment strategy. As the policy and economics around sustainability investing continue to evolve, we are really pleased to have someone of Ingrid’s calibre joining our committee.

“Ingrid Holmes said “Having worked with WHEB on several issues over the past years, I am delighted to be joining their Advisory Committee, particularly at a time when impact investing is seeing such a rapid increase in interest.”

Ingrid joins four other external members of the committee which include Clare Brook the CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation, Kelly Clark, Director of the Finance Dialogue, Mike Clark of Ario Advisory and a former director of Responsible Investment at Russell Investments and Rachel Crossley the founder of Broadwaters consultancy and a senior advisor to the Access to Nutrition Foundation. The Committee meets every four months to review the holdings in WHEB’s investments funds for their consistency with the funds’ aims and objectives. Summary minutes are published on the WHEB Group website (

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