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Ray Dhirani, Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF-UK, appointed to WHEB’s independent Advisory Committee

WHEB Asset Management is pleased to announce that Ray Dhirani has been appointed to the firm’s independent Investment Advisory Committee. Ray leads the sustainable finance team at WWF-UK, where he has spent the last eight years. At WWF, Ray’s focus has been mainly on sustainable investment and metrics, spatial finance, policy and regulatory work on climate and environment, as well as wider change in the finance and economic system.

Before joining WWF, Ray spent eight years working in the markets division of Merrill Lynch in New York within foreign exchange and fixed income sales and trading.

Seb Beloe, Partner and Head of Research at WHEB said, “WHEB’s advisory committee provides independent oversight and governance on behalf of clients in WHEB’s investment strategy. Ray is one of those still too rare individuals who has experience of working at the nexus of sustainability and finance. We are very much looking forward to having someone of Ray’s calibre join our committee.”

Ray Dhirani said “Private sector finance will play a critical role in enabling the transition to a zero carbon as well as to a fair and sustainable economy in the UK and around the world. I am looking forward to working with WHEB, and other committee members, in maintaining and promoting the highest standards in sustainable investing. Future generations are counting on us to deliver.”

Ray joins three other external members of the committee which include Kingsmill Bond, New Energy Strategist at Carbon Tracker, Mike Clark of Ario Advisory and former director of Responsible Investment at Russell Investments and Carole Ferguson, Head of Investment Research at CDP. The Committee meets every four months to review the holdings in WHEB’s investment funds for their consistency with the funds’ aims and objectives.

Summary minutes are published on the WHEB Group website