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WHEB named in top 5 in ING’s Sustainable Investment funds survey

Wednesday 31st October 2018: The FP WHEB Sustainability fund has been listed as one of the top 5 most sustainable investment funds in ING’s “Assessment of the sustainability of investment funds” report. 

ING assessed 500 funds and classified them all according to their Non-Financial Indictor (Nfi) scoring system, which includes both quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria as well as a fund manager survey of 103 questions.

The funds have been classified into five categories:

  • Nfi ++  top 10%
  • Nfi +     top 30%
  • Nfi =     better than average (top 50%)
  • Nfi –      lower than average
  • Nfi —    bottom 10%

The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund has received a Nfi ++ rating and is included in the best scoring funds list, alongside four others.

ING’s sustainable investment analysts developed the ‘Nfi’ in 2001 to help sustainable companies distinguish themselves from other companies in their respective sectors. The Nfi is the result of company analysis that looks at sustainable policies and performance. ING developed this methodology further to determine how sustainable investment funds are.

ING’s report can be found on this link