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FP WHEB Sustainability Fund Update for European Investors

Following the successful launch of the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund on 4th December 2020, we are pleased to offer remaining European investors in the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund the opportunity to participate in a second in specie transaction on 11th February 2021. On this date, the investments of participating investors will transfer to the new vehicle which is an Irish domiciled ICAV UCITS fund, designed with non-UK investors in mind:  The redemption and subscription transactions will be executed on a pari passu basis (that is the assets redeemed and subscribed will have exactly equal value).

In order to participate, an account will have to be opened with Société Générale Securities Services, the administrator of the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund.  The account opening process will take up to 48 hours to complete once AML documentation has been provided, and so for interested parties the account opening documentation will need to be provided to Société Générale as soon as possible.  Then instructions will be provided by participating investors to the administrators of both the FP WHEB Sustainability Fund (SS&C Financial Services Europe Limited) and the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund (Société Générale), who will arrange for the in specie redemption and subscription transactions (respectively).

Should you be interested in participating in the in specie transaction, in a subsequent transfer of your assets or investing directly in the new structure, please contact:

Fanny Ruighaver
Business Development Director Europe for WHEB Asset Management
T+352 27 111 | M (+31) 6 15851324