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Advanced Drainage Systems

Company Profile
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Enterprise Value: US$14.1bn
Region: North America
Environmental Services

Advanced Drainage Systems is a leading provider of stormwater management systems in the US. It is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe, providing a comprehensive suite of water management products and superior drainage solutions for use in the underground construction and infrastructure marketplace. The company’s products are generally lighter, more durable, more cost effective and easier to install than comparable alternatives made with traditional materials.

Impact Score: 22%

ADS systems manage storm and wastewater through the provision of innovative water management solutions. The products are important in helping communities become more resilient to climate change.

Fundamental Quality: 66%

As the pipe industry shifts from concrete and steel towards plastic, which has a lower carbon footprint, ADS has a strong competitive position to benefit from an impactful secular growth trend. Many products are made with recycled plastics which is a low cost material in plentiful supply.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 12
ADS’s products contribute to SDG 12 which supports sustainable infrastructure development through its work integrating sustainability into building and infrastructure design.
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Impact calculator metric
(per £1m invested)
Environmental Services:
423,000 litres of water treated
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Recent stewardship topics
  • Auditor independence
  • Excessive executive remuneration
  • Gender diversity
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