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Company Profile
Enterprise Value: £2bn
Region: Europe
Environmental Services

Arcadis is a design and consulting firm that provides engineering and environmental services particularly focused on buildings, infrastructure and water businesses. The company also specialises in integrating climate adaptation specifically and sustainability more generally into their services. Infrastructure projects are spread across Europe and the Americas and include railroads and renewable energy projects, such as wind energy parks and hydropower plants. Arcadis also has a large environmental consulting business which advises clients on all aspects of environmental management, including soil and groundwater contamination, land remediation, waste and water management and ecological projects.

Impact Score: 19%

Arcadis is a specialist in efficient buildings and infrastructure design, saving energy and building materials and improving safety and durability. In some cases, such as protecting buildings from rising sea levels, this can be a critical need. However, similar services are widely available.

Fundamental Quality: 62%

Arcadis is well-placed, in our view, to support growing client demand for sustainability solutions and infrastructure work. The company has had a mixed track-record, but under a new management team has been improving quality with better financial performance and much improved management and disclosure of key ESG issues.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 12
Arcadis has a direct role in supporting sustainable infrastructure development through its work integrating sustainability into building and infrastructure design.
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