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Croda International

Company Profile
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Enterprise Value: £10.3bn
Region: United Kingdom
Environmental Services

Croda International is a UK based specialty chemicals company whose products use bio-based feedstocks and are used across the life sciences, performance technology, industrial chemicals and personal care sectors. By offering an alternative to the fossil-fuel based materials typically used by these sectors, Croda’s products provide a carbon-reduction benefit. In addition, the company’s products also help to extend drug shelf life and improve vaccine effectiveness as well as improving agricultural yields and reducing pollution.

Impact Score: 26%

67% of Croda’s raw materials are, significantly outstripping the industry average of 10%. Alongside the carbon benefits in their consumer car and industrial businesses, Croda’s bio-based agricultural products help to improve crop yields and resilience and support biodiversity. Croda focuses on specific technological niches where their innovative products are differentiated from most competition.

Fundamental Quality: 76%

Croda is, in our view, a very well-run business with an impressive approach to governance and comprehensive management of critical environmental and social issues. The company has a clear growth strategy focusing in particular on life sciences and consumer care applications. Innovation and sustainability remain central to the company’s growth ambitions in these industries.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 12
Croda’s bio-based materials enable waste reduction and sustainable consumption across multiple sectors.
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