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TE Connectivity

Company Profile
te connectivity
Enterprise Value: £32bn
Region: North America
Sustainable Transport

TE Connectivity is a US-based manufacturer of electronic components and wireless systems. The company’s main market is the automotive industry where its products are used to improve safety and fuel efficiency through increased levels of automation and electrification. The company does also sell products into industrial and telecommunications markets where they are often used in applications to help improve energy efficiency and safety.

Impact Intensity: 11%

TE Connectivity’s wide range of products are typically used in the management and distribution of electrical power. With more renewable power these products help decarbonize key markets such as the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Fundamental Quality: 76%

Electrification of key markets provides good growth opportunities for TE Connectivity. The company has an experienced management team which has developed a strong franchise in its markets. TE Connectivity also has demonstrated excellent performance on critical ESG issues.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 11
TE Connectivity enables the electrification of automotive and industrial markets. It supports the development of more sustainable transport and infrastructure that is the focus of SDG 11.
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Impact calculator metric
(per £1m invested)
Sustainable Transport:
<1 tCO2e emissions avoided (estimated)
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Recent stewardship topics
  • Gender diversity
  • Overboarding
  • Board accountability for sustainability
  • Auditor independence
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