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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Company Profile
Enterprise Value: £144bn
Region: North America

Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the largest suppliers of analytical instrument, equipment, consumables and software for healthcare and environmental research, analysis, discovery and diagnostics. The company offers a very wide range of products and services including the equipment needed to analyse samples as well as the variety of containers and other consumables needed to handle them. 

Impact Score: 35%

Thermo Fisher’s products are essential in enabling healthcare customers to develop and manufacture healthcare therapies, to analyse environmental quality and to diagnose disease.

Fundamental Quality: 68%

Thermo Fisher has established an extremely strong competitive position in a market that is dominated by 3-4 large players. The management team has an excellent track-record of strong operational performance and effective capital deployment. ESG disclosure however is moderate.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 3
Thermo Fisher products are essential enablers in developing better healthcare in support of SDG3 and in analysing environmental quality.
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Impact calculator metric
(per £1m invested)
90 COVID-19 tests produced
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Recent stewardship topics
  • Access to COVID-19 tests/pandemic response
  • Net Zero Carbon strategy/target
  • Single-use plastic
  • Sustainability reporting
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