Fund Options

The Strategy is available in three different Fund vehicles – a UCITS OEIC regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and two Irish domiciled ICAV UCITS.

The FP WHEB Sustainability Fund, our UCITS OEIC fund, is tailored to UK Investors. Our Irish domiciled ICAV UCITS, WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund, is designed for non-UK investors. Both Funds follow the same investment strategy. The WHEB Environmental Impact Fund is also an Irish domiciled ICAV UCITS designed for non-UK investors and is a targeted version of our global equity strategy which invests exclusively in our five environmental themes.

FP WHEB Sustainability FundA UCITS OEIC fund regulated by the FCA, designed with UK investors in mind.
WHEB Sustainable Impact FundAn Irish domiciled ICAV UCITS fund, designed with non-UK investors in mind.
WHEB Environmental Impact FundA ICAV UCITS fund, designed with non-UK investors in mind