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WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund – SFDR Categorisation

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From 10th March 2021, a new regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector will apply to all EU market participants, including the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund.  Under this new regulation, SFDR (which means the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), our Fund has been categorised as meeting the provisions set out in Article 9.

 Article 9 funds have a sustainable investment objective (with a strong ESG focus).  The WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund meets this requirement by investing in economic activities which (1) contribute either to an environmental or social objective; (2) do not significantly harm environmental or social objectives; and (3) follow good governance practices.

Our fund documentation will be updated to reflect this categorisation from 10th March, and we will then work towards the more detailed reporting requirements under SFDR for Article 9 firms which will apply from 2022.

WHEB’s investment strategy is focused on companies providing solutions to sustainability challenges across nine sustainable investment themes.  Although not all of our funds and mandates are subject to SFDR, they all meet with the article 9 standard.  We support and welcome the move towards greater transparency in sustainability related disclosures for the industry.  Since 2012, WHEB has been a signatory to the Eurosif Transparency Code, and has pledged to publish all holdings in our funds, along with comprehensive engagement and voting records and the minutes of our independent Investment Advisory Committee.

Further details of the WHEB strategy and our funds is available here:

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