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Working at WHEB

WHEB is a people business. We want to attract and retain the most talented people who share a passion for what we do and what we believe in.

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Why join the WHEB team?

We want to make WHEB a great place to work and build a career. 

We also recognise that there's more to life than work, and we aim to support our colleagues’ commitments outside of work too.  

Treating everyone fairly and with respect is fundamental to us, and we foster an open and transparent culture where people feel welcome and included. We're a learning organisation and are always seeking ways to improve.

We're pleased to have been recognised in the 2022 Escape the City list as one of the top 100 organisations to escape to.

We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like any further information about working at WHEB, please contact our HR Manager, Esther Muschamp at

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Investment Analyst role
WHEB is seeking a full or part-time experienced investment professional to join the team, based in London. The investment strategy employs a fundamental and long-term approach based on a deep understanding of the companies and industries that solve sustainability challenges.

See the full job description below. If you have further questions contact Esther Muschamp, HR Manager for more information

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We offer internships on an ad hoc basis and are currently reviewing our approach. We do not currently have any vacancies, this page will be updated as and when we do.

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Diversity and inclusion

We know our people are what give us our edge. That's why WHEB is deeply committed to providing equality and fairness to all of them.

We believe that all our people should be treated fairly and with respect, at all times. We also want to be provide help and encouragement to develop your full potential and make the most of your unique talents. Take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion Policy below for more information on how we achieve this.

We believe that to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable investment management industry, investment companies must truly live their publicly stated values and commitments. Embedding and living values within an organisation is a journey, but underpinning it is a commitment to continuous positive progress. 




City Hive

We are delighted to participate in the City Hive initiative.

WHEB is pleased to be a corporate member of City Hive. 

We're a founding signatory of City Hive's Action, Culture and Transparency (ACT) framework, which is a standard of corporate culture that captures the essence of an investment management company’s ‘heart and soul’ and provides professional investors with a framework to assess, measure and be a catalyst for change.

We're also proud to be a sponsor of City Hive's Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme in association with #TalkAboutBlack and the Race & Ethnicity workstream of the Diversity Project.

It's more important than ever to champion diverse talent in the investment management industry and we are delighted to be involved in the CityHive programmes to do just that.

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Asset Owner Diversity Charter

Diversity for asset managers is at a critical tipping point

WHEB is pleased to participate in the Asset Owner Diversity Charter as we believe it is important to build an investment industry which embodies a more balanced representation of diverse societies.

The Asset Manager Diversity and Inclusion Questionnaire aims to standardise complex diversity metrics beyond just gender to improve on disclosures. The questionnaire results will feed into a progress report to inform engagement on improving diversity and inclusion.

Your benefits

We believe people should be fairly rewarded for the work they do.

But beyond this, we also want to offer extra benefits to make working at WHEB and life beyond more fulfilling. That's why we're constantly reviewing our benefits to ensure they meet the needs of our team.

We have a range of schemes to provide our people with private medical cover, life assurance, pension contributions, cycle-to-work schemes, childcare vouchers, a corporate mobile phone allowance and more.

These are just some of our current benefits:

  • As an accredited Living Wage Employer, everyone working for us - whether directly or indirectly - earns a living wage.
  • We have a market leading maternity, adoption and shared parental leave benefits scheme.
  • We support and encourage flexible working to accommodate personal or family commitments.
  • We have a paid sabbatical scheme so people can take a longer break every five years.
  • We support our people to volunteer for charities of their choice, through the provision of additional holidays.
  • All eight UK public and bank holidays are added to the annual holiday allowance to be used at people's discretion offering flexibility.
  • We offer membership of networks such as CityHive and Women in Banking and Finance to all our team members.
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Values that make an impact

WHEB is built on five core values that support our mission and shape our culture.

They help align our people to our purpose and identity, and enable you, our stakeholders, to understand how we do business.

Co-created with input from everyone in the team, the values underpin everything we do, from strategic decisions to everyday systems and processes.

Our values are important to us and are integrated into the management process that's used to assess the team’s performance throughout the year.

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Charity engagement

At WHEB, our Charity Working Group leads our approach to charitable engagement working with the wider WHEB team. 

Some examples of our charity involvement so far include:

  • Our Charity of the Year is Papyrus, which was chosen collectively by the WHEB team. Papyrus is dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people.
  • Sponsoring Insight Outreach, an education and social mobility charity that works with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them gain access to top universities. WHEB also offers internship opportunities to their student base to create a more diverse talent pipeline.
  • Engaging the services of The Glasshouse, an award-winning social enterprise employing women prisoners and former prisoners, to provide plants to workspaces across London.
  • Providing office space to Music for All for meetings. The charity is focused on improving access to music-making across the UK. 
  • Supporting charities such as The Felix Project and The Conservation Volunteers through team volunteering opportunities.

In addition, we offer two days annual leave for volunteering. One of our team, Claire Jervis, used the opportunity to participate in an investment competition run by Future Asset, which educates girls across Scotland about investment management. Learn more here

We run regular team events and often these take the form of Lunch and Learns on different topics, including presentations from the charities we support.

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