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Agilent Technologies

Company Profile
Enterprise Value: £28bn
Region: North America

Agilent Technologies is a specialist in the development and manufacture of bio-analytics for the life sciences and chemical analysis industries. The company’s mission is to advance quality of life. Within healthcare, its analytical instruments are used in the development and testing of healthcare products. Agilent also has a chemical analysis business which makes equipment for monitoring levels of pollutants in the ambient environment and for measuring contaminants in food and the human body.

Impact Score: 27%

Agilent’s products are used to enable better health and well-being in different end markets. Positive impact is delivered by underpinning critical R&D and improving efficiency and accuracy of analysis. While improvements are likely incremental, Agilent’s products play a critical role, as was made apparent during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fundamental Quality: 70%

Agilent has a meaningful market share in most of its end markets which provides resilience and multiple sources of growth. The company is also working to increase the sustainability of scientific research and has recently been awarded several “Accountability Consistency and Transparency” (“ACT”) labels from the NGO My Green Lab.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 3
Agilent’s products are key tools and systems in developing new healthcare therapies for many of the diseases highlighted by SDG3 and are integral to monitoring and reducing pollutants in the ambient environment.
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