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Company Profile
Enterprise Value: US$7.4 bn
Region: Asia Pacific
Resource Efficiency

Daifuku is a global material handling systems manufacturer. The company supplies global storage systems, conveyors and automatic sorters. These products support the automation of warehousing and manufacturing helping to reduce energy and resource use in these activities. Daifuku also provides an integrated approach from consulting to engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and after-sales services for automation. 

Impact Score: 26%

Daifuku directly enables more efficient warehouse and manufacturing systems for business operators around the world. This reduces the energy and resource footprint of these business’ operations. The absolute improvements, however, are typically quite modest, and clients are other large businesses.

Fundamental Quality: 68%

Daifuku has a track-record of innovation in warehouse automation and has built a strong competitive position on a reputation for quality. The company has a reasonable approach to ESG but would benefit from a more strategic perspective on key issues including GHG emissions and gender diversity.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 9
SDG 9 promotes resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure and provision of basic services and green jobs for all. Daifuku’s products and services address these issues in warehouses and wider logistics.
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Impact calculator metric
(per £1m invested)
Resource Efficiency:
0.3 tCO2e emissions avoided
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Recent stewardship topics
  • Director independence
  • Gender diversity
  • Executive remuneration
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