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Company Profile
Enterprise Value: £129bn
Region: North America

Danaher is a diversified business that designs, manufactures and sells laboratory equipment and consumables to clinical and medical laboratories including microscopes, analytical software and imaging and molecular devices. These tools are used in the development of new drugs and for diagnosing critically ill patients. In addition, the company also designs, manufactures and sells equipment to test and treat water (incl. UV water treatment systems). Overall, Danaher’s products offer improved efficiency and reliability.

Impact Score: 32%

Danaher provides test and measurement equipment for drug R&D, diagnosis, environment testing, food and water testing and academic research. The company’s products have a wide range of positive impacts. However, these may be incremental for example, through speeding up research and development or increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Fundamental Quality: 66%

Danaher has a strong market position as one of two major life science platforms. It has a focused management team and a clear, proven operational improvement system. Despite being so broadly diversified, there are clear signs of quality and competitiveness, such as ISO13485 certification in the clinical diagnostics business and ambitious executive officer performance goals.

Link to UN SDGs SDG 3
Danaher’s products provide the foundations for research and development of new and improved healthcare therapies supporting the achievement of SDG 3.
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<100 COVID tests provided
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